Pune waste management project

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) launched a decentralized waste management drive in an attempt to clean up the city and turn garbage to productive use (this one's a slightly old piece - 2005)

Cleanliness in public spaces & the awareness about hazardous waste management, recycling etc in US and other developed nations is quite impressive. I wonder about the status in India?

Besides the pune project, one organization that I could find involved in this area is Bangalore based Saahas. Anybody know of any others?

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The next city to follow Pune's example was none other than Patna: Read the story at

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The need for segregation is very high and most cities seem to be sleeping on this. If the wet biodegradable garbage is fed into the composting plants and plastic used for building roads and such, solid waste would no longer be a problem. A solution providing a good amount of employment (rather than wasted effort in segregation). Two such solutions -



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I just read Kaveri Gill's book, Of Poverty and Plastic. Amazing. What I learned? Lots! One thing is that India has a terrible solid waste management system in terms of keeping things clean--the US and Europe does much better according to her. HOWEVER, in terms of RECYCLING, especially of post consumer plastics, India is WAY ahead of everyone! (Europe, 7%; China 10%; India 60-80%! It's all informal, done by people making very little. (The US and Europe's systems are very good at getting trash to the landfill; we are much better at reusing and recycling it. We are also better at littering it, I suspect!)

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I am living at faridabad ,the 8th most poluted city in the india.Myself see loads of plastic garbage generated including at my home.I do not understand how to reduce plastic waste?? and also sensitise people about it as it is every where and people use it very casually.Is really hurting to see children picking up plastic garbage from garbage bins.

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I really think that India still has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to waste management. There are cities that represent a real hazard for their inhabitants because of improperly disposed garbage. I am glad that doesn't affect me directly, our city has it's own junk removal Claremont service. For things to change in India I think people need to change their vision about the country and be more dedicated in changing the situation.

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