Quickheal antivirus donations for NGOs via BiGTech.in

NASSCOM Foundation, the CSR arm of NASSCOM, India’s premier IT industry body, and Quick Heal Technologies, one of India’s leading antivirus solutions providers have partnered to provide antivirus solutions free for NGOs under NF’s BiGTech.in  programme. Through Quick Heal’s antivirus solutions, NGOs and non-profit organizations can build in an efficient, scalable virus shield capacity for their systems and keep their operations running without any safety related glitches.

Speaking on the collaboration, Ms. Rufina Fernandes, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation, said, “Thousands of NGOs across the country are susceptible to many viruses and malware that create huge damage to their data.  Based on a survey NF conducted, Anti-virus solutions was top on the list of software that the non-profit sector required.  Hence we approached a couple of such providers.  We were delighted that Quick Heal immediately agreed to address this urgent need.  QuickHeal has made its mark in the antivirus solutions space, and with them on board, the NGOs and social welfare organizations thus stand to benefit immensely.”

Mr. Abhijit S.Jorvekar, Country Head, Quick Heal Technologies, added, “Our association with NASSCOM Foundation is a point of pride for us. Under their BiGTech programme, NASSCOM Foundation has already reached out to hundreds of NGOs and social service groups across the India. Quick Heal Technologies wants to give back to the society in which we thrive, this platform allows us the means to reach out to the needy and provide the kind of service which we are best at.”

NGOs can now avail of QuickHeal Anti-virus solution just by a simple click of a button.  NGOs have to login to www.bigtech.in and get themselves registered to avail of this donation.

Quick Heal Technologies has recently released the AntiVirus Lite 2009 package software for beneficiaries under the BiGTech programme. This package will address four specific needs - AntiVirus, Antispyware, AntiMalware and AntiRootkit. The Quick Heal antivirus solutions package will be given to eligible organizations working towards relief of the poor, advancement of education, social and community welfare, and other purposes beneficial to the community. This product will also be made available for other organizations such as public libraries, museums, disaster relief organizations, community health clinics, women’s health centers, blood banks and other nonprofit trade associations.

BiGTech.in is the key technology philanthropy program of NF. This online marketplace was specifically developed to provide software and hardware to NGOs and social development organizations. The BiGTech program was set up with the aim of assisting and enabling such NGOs to leverage ICT in the best way possible – with optimum enablement of technology for their processes at the minimum costs possible. Through software and hardware donations from the member companies of NASSCOM, the NASSCOM Foundation enables organizations become technology savvy by providing such easy access to technology donations. The BiGTech programme has reached out to over 350 registered NGOs in 138 districts across 26 states in India.  BT has so far enabled 2300 product donations to the tune of around Rs.40 mn to NGOs and non-profits in India.


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Manage communications at @NASSCOMfdn; ex @AIESEC. Aspire to influence opinions positively, provide a better quality of life to as many including myself ;)

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QuickHeal donation on BiGTech.in is now upgraded to the latest 2010 version. Thought i add it here.
Nasscom Foundation is in talks with them for other products like Firewall, etc. NGOs can register on www.bigtech.in to keep updated about newer donation products.

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