Ragging and Violations of Human Rights in India

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Ragging has been prevalent in India for a long time. It has ruined countless careers, injured thousands and killed many.
Still, our society is bearing with it.

Though less than the tip of the iceberg reaches the media (in ragging cases), about 31 ragging deaths were reported between 2000-2007, including the 7 in 2007 alone.
Many more have been seriously injured and/or disabled while countless of innocent teenagers have been physically and sexually abused.

We are trying to put an end to this evil of ragging by -

(i) spreading the awareness by various means
(ii) supporting the victims
(iii) promoting healthy and humane modes of interactions between the seniors and the juniors, while discouraging ragging
(iv) setting up / promoting anti ragging units within the campuses by involving the students, the faculty and the staff.

The society has already made a long delay to stand against ragging, and it has paid the price as lost lives and careers as well as bereaved families.

SAVE appeals to every conscientious citizen to be with it in this movement against ragging by the Indian civil society.

For more,please visit - www.no2ragging.org

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As someone who had enough experience on both sides of ragging (and, to some extent, enjoyed both), I think your campaign is lacking something. While I am now getting averse to ragging, I know a lot of students think like I used to, i.e. they don't consider it as an evil. But the way this campaign starts, pointing out ragging as an evil from the first line, it is not likely to get any attention from those people. But those are the people involved in ragging!
I think it will be important for your campaign to actually win over such students as well, and for that to happen, perhaps use a pitch that they can identify with. For example, many people who favor ragging consider it a way of intermingling people... whether or not you agree with that, I think it will be pragmatic to acknowledge this fact, and then point out that the other possible shortcomings of ragging outweight this benefit.

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Never heard of what happens to students (in terms of career) who rag?

Further, there is a severe punishment for ragging in IITs; students lose either a semester or a full year. This has happened to one of my friends when I was in final year. Though I would classify that as a very mild form of ragging, but ...

Would strict rules in colleges deter students to rag rigorously?

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I understand your point, Nitin. It is true that those who rag, enjoy it...and that is why they rag!

I shall place your point before the Executive Body of our organization, which is possibly the first and the only registered Anti Ragging NGO in India.

We have been working on this issue, and keeping in touch with the Indian authorities.

Kapil, law can hardly do it alone. There are strict laws in India, at least from last May onwards, but those are hardly ever implemented.

Punishment is needed, else the crime would flourish more.
But what is needed more, for the prevention of ragging, is the awareness.

If any of you (or someone else) have any query, suggestion, etc., please feel free to send us an email at-


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I understand your point. I have posted a reply in the blog.

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Law can hardly do it alone. There are strict laws in India, at least from last May onwards, but those are hardly ever implemented.

Punishment is needed, else the crime would flourish more.

But what is needed more, for the prevention of ragging, is the awareness.

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There is another interesting article on the subject -


Personally, I tolerated the crap (read fueled the egos of some sad seniors who cudn't earn any respect otherwise). I later learned that these students actually misuse ragging and even mis behave and talk obscene things in front of girls - which they wudn't dare otherwise. If ragging was a means of befriending such people I wud rather stay away from them.

I refused to any form of ragging and was hated by most seniors. I became popular amongst juniors as I helped them out of it. Fair trade off I guess. I got threatened by one of the goons amongst seniors but the rules were stringent during our year and I was a day scholar. Enjoyed fooling the seniors during the first few days though! ;) Our seniors were from a different university/syllabi and served no USE - which wud be reflected as the good thing bout ragging. We ended up helping them with their projects... :)

If there are people who think it is a good means to break ice - I can only feel sorry for them. There are better ways to find your friends - I think for most people they make the best of their friends at colleges and I guess it is rarely ragging that fetches u such frens! :) Sometimes it is uniting against such seniors that gets u good frens... I have mine who I have been for over a decade now! :)

Asking your juniors to get the bio of a cute gal or a boy just coz u can't do it is a cheap gesture. Going beyond and harassing juniors physically or sexually is a heinous crime!

I am glad there is some such effort to fight this... I think laws do help. Seniors should earn their respect and not force it. I know some juniors act too smart but resorting to such means doesn't help either party. Sometimes things are pulled too far with laws and they become a means to "chai paani" for punes and wardens. I know a particular case in which a student _requested_ his junior to get some papad from home town. He had to pay 15K fine for the same!!! :)

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I strongly support your views, Mayank.

However, I had watched the video. A nice one, but possibly not the first video as has been claimed.

Anyway, when countless of innocent students are being seriously abused and hundreds of them are getting badly injured...for no acceptable reason, we must join hands against ragging.

Best regards,

Please visit SAVE - www.no2ragging.org

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Excerpts on ragging from Dilip D'Souza's blog post on doctors:

Been thinking of doctors of late. First, some budding doctors at a medical college in Tanda, Himachal Pradesh.

It’s a tragic, nauseating story. Ragging like this is horrible enough; but somehow ragging like this by boys who plan to be doctors is both nauseating and frightening. What kind of care for the health and well-being of a patient can you expect from a doctor who, as a student, thrashed juniors purely for being junior?



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Shivam Vij's blog post on ragging:


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true ragging has adverse effects but to much reinforcement of laws against has lead to bossy juniors. n they are no doubt taking undue advantage. from small to big the only word we can hear is "i can file a case of ragging against you if u dont provide me this". so one has to keep a check on the other side as well.
do reply me on my id for further quries.

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