Rs.24,000 needed to help a 15 year old boy gain his vision back

SARATH KUMAR (15 years) is a semi orphan. His mother is a daily wage earner. As she was unable to take care of his needs, they had approached Light (an NGO). He is now with their home and is studying 9th standard in a government high school at Redhills.

Things were chugging along for him until he met with a freak accident. While at school the pen thrown by another child hit him bang on the eye. He was grieviously injured  and was rushed for emergency surgery.  His eye was badly hurt. It required two surgeries. The initial Cornel and Lens Tear Repair was done at Darshan Surgical Centre, Anna Nagar under Dr. Srinivas K Rao. They were nice enough to have waived off payment for this.

However the second surgery - Kertoplasty with Sf IOL - which is crucial for him regaining his vision is estimated to cost approximately Rs.25000/= plus additional expenses for post operative medication and treatment. Someone has come forward to donate Rs.1000. Need another Rs.24,000 for this operation. Please do contribute in any which way possible



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