Rural electrification using solar panels by NGO Greenpeace India

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Celebrating the arrival of clean and reliable energy in two schools which set up solar panels to power 10 fans and computer. The village was made famous in Parliament by Rahul Gandhi in the context of energy shortage and still nothing had changed. Uninterrupted supply of electricity has remained just a promise. Villagers and students are describing how easily solar panel was set up in just 3 days and gives reliable electricity when they need it. They are inviting Rahul Gandhi and other politicians to village to witness and take this vision forward.


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I am a PhD student at the University of Southern California with research interests in robotics. I did my undergraduate studies from IIT Bombay. Being a member of NGO Post is an attempt at doing something for the community that I am a part of.

Most of my posts here are due to Chandni ( more



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solar energy ,wind mills bio gas and other forms of alternative energy sourses are available in india for the past one decade, the people in rural areas and even urban areas should have taken to them in a big way.our misfortune is that for even petty things a politician is needed for idiotic reasons. what can rahul gandhi or the local leader achieve more than the people concerned. we are a nation of gandhian principles and want to tolerate everything, no lighting , water,roads and food ,our principle is tolerate till some one helps and then blame the helper for some flaw. my honest feelings for our villages are they want to remain as a village and ask for dole from Delhi

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Dear All,

40 Crore Indians, 1 lakh villages in our country are LIGHTING EXCLUDED and still depended on Kerosene, which is deadly and non-reliable, costly and not-supportive for their night-lighting needs.

it is not possible to either govt and/or any charity to bring all these under LIGHTING INCLUSION, EXCEPT it should be done in a Sustainable way and replicable prospectM Which is affordable and reliable, to reach every each family and community.

i wish that LET US JOIN HANDS TO BRIGHTEN LIVES AT BOP in our country, where a child enjoys his studies, women and elder feels the safety and security with SOLAR LED HOME LIGHTS.

Thank you,


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I have already started on the path.
Col Dharma

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Please browse my homepage
One can find complete write up about how to harvest infinite solar energy and to bring home the sunshine for illuminating huts that are at present dark inside and to illuminate the interiors of urban households and commercial shops etc.,that are misusing scarce electricity for lighting up the interiors of their business premises. The method is no rocket science and can be adopted by everybody by a little human intervention periodically.

One can see designs for different users. One design can include a little technology in the form of Photo Voltaic Cell panels on top of the reflectors - see design and store the energy generated in batteries at the bottom of the design and use the stored power after the sun sets for burning a few bulbs within the huts and also outside.
This method of tapping infinite solar energy is meant to help the villagers in rural India to get free light with minimum one time investment for procuring a large mirror or reflector that suits their needs.
Solar energy for light, fans, TVs etc., if tapped with governmental subsidised PVC panels and also due to volume creation for marketing of PVC, the price will ultimately come down and will be affordable.
One unit saved is three units generated at the present since generation of one MW of power requires Rs.1000 crore investment. In addition, through saving of power being misused in cities even during day time for their lighting purpose will result in reduced emission of CO2, climate change, global warming and its future impacts on agriculture, industrial and sociological impact.
My above proposal titled Project U-SEE -(Unlimited Saving of Electrical Energy)#585-IDM2007 was honored with a Certificate and a knowledge grant by the World Bank, New Delhi during May 2007 competition and was appreciated by the then President Shri APJ Abdul Kalaam.
Vasanthkumar Mysoremath
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methods sound interesting...
can you please guide me on how to implement it through NGO

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Dear Sh Vasanthkumar,
Thanks for details.Pl help me in costing of your propasal.It should incl Rural as well as semi rural/semi urban house holds.I would like to meet you in it possible and when and where.
Col Dharma

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Please send the details of the interested solar products to my e-mail id will provide you best possible solutions.
Suresh babu


Great...I am planning identical effort in 24 Paraganas has to be replicated...thanks for sharing information...

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Dear Col Dharma / Mr.Ghosh,
Thank you both for the feed back.
@ Col: Will be happy to meet you and discuss about the nuts and bolts for making them more rural-oriented as also for those urbanites in cities and towns who are misusing scarce electricity. I am residing at Mysore city and a social activist; pl. call me on 9845950440.

@ Mr.Ghosh, happy, you are planning to replicate. All of us are innovators and have inbuilt faculty. Call me if you need any clarification.

Vasanthkumar Mysoremath


Thanks...we must interact

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Dear Sh Vasanth,
Thanks ,shall revert back soon
Col Dharma

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Iam happy that join the SOLAR LED HOME LIGHTS in our country where a child enjoys his studies, women and elder feels the safety and security .

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we grameenachaitanyavedika non profit organization working at tribal part of srikakulam district of andhrapradesh state.we hope that our women and child tribal communityfeeljoy.who come forward to adopt at least two hamlets in our area.

p.shankararao chief functionary

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I am excited to read this thread as this kind of work is exactly what my NGO is trying to implement!

My Group has been commercially active across the UK, Europe and America in small wind turbines an also renewable energy consultancy projects. We recently formed a Trust to offer these services in a non-commercial nature. The aim of the Trust is to use renewable technologies to enrich the lives of the energy poor, using the many years of experience gained in our commercial business in the energy markets. Initial research into potential projects is currently taking place within India, and I have relocated from Edinburgh, Scotland to Bangalore with my young family for 6 months to complete the first phase. This involves meeting with local schools, rural communities, manufacturers and suppliers to this end, and I hope to complete a demonstration project by the time we leave.

In real terms we are looking at installing solar panels, small wind turbines or hydro projects to generate the power required to provide basic lighting, healthcare requirements such as fridges or water filtration, or educational requirements such as computers for schools. These may be in rural areas where the grid supply is non existent or limited to a few hours a day, or urban projects where the power required simply is not an option due to the cost. The projects are being assessed in depth before we carry out any work to ensure the solutions required match the needs of the recipients, and that the technology will be reliable enough to provide green and sustainable power for the long term.

I am unsure if you will be able to help me, but I am looking for current projects that you may be aware of that could use the technical support that we can offer such as rural/inner city schools, rural communities, housing projects or health centres. I’d like to visit any local projects in Bangalore or further afield that we could be involved with, as well as looking for funding or donations to support our projects here.

If anyone has a project in mind that might be able to benefit from our input, please contact me directly at

Thanks, Will.

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Dear Will,
Thanks.I am presntly travelng to take a stock of my venturs. I think we can work together, only thing I am a social Volunteer.Once back in Delhi ,I shall get in touch with you. I am likely to visit that side also
Col Dharma

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Dear Col Dharma,
Thank you for your response, it would be interesting to discuss our work.
I am in Bangalore but will be travelling around over the next few months so maybe we can meet.
Speak soon,

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for any information regarding
community ligting
and energy kiosk concept
study light
please go through

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My name is Jerry And I would Like to assist you in ur work.

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Hi Jerry
Thanks. All those who are reading this post may themselves adopt the simple method suggested in detail in my above homepage. Though India wants to take a quantum leap into clean development management (CDM)and help the world spew less CO2 & GHGs, the hindrance is the economics of such efforts. Carbon Credits may help but they are all in the hands of the large commercial houses who are cashing on this new financial instrument in international trading.
Create awareness about using simple mirrors to save energy that is being misused during day time in your community and let us contribute. Drops make oceans.


Thanks...I am enthused...

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Sir ,
Please Fallow our Organization Profile
Thank You

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Dear sankar Choudhury , let me know your organization name and website

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Give me details about ur self and how can I help you manually.

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Dear Members of this Thread,
I find a number of observations being made on this all important thread. But who is addressing whom is under a little confusion. Please make it a point to just mention @ Mr/Ms......., so that the concerned may throw light on points of doubt and others also can be enlightened.

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rural banks are giving lones for solar systems and Self help groups gets CCL for baying solar power lights,
as a NGO we will give service and maintanance but if we give free to rural interier people they can sell or they can't use properly

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Dear Sh Phani,
NO FREE BEES.You are absolutely right.Trying to sorting out this problem.Kindly provide your contact details.
Col Dharma

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free and poor words are only for politicians
but for NGOs service and maintanance

people have capacity to bay things
but they need awaireness
we will providing three lights one for child for study one for women and one for hole faminly solar lights rs.3/- per day in Uttar pradesh
our people has capacity to spend 3/- per day but we have to knowledgy them



phani kumar

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if u need solar products in best price pls contect me

thank u
rahul soni

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I came to know about these scenario of rural India after I join one Solar Lighting Company. Really this locally available energy with technology will come to rural people as a bless

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I came to know about these scenario of rural India after I join one Solar Lighting Company. Really this locally available energy with technology will come to rural people as a bless

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I would like to join NGO who help in setting up solar power generation in villages

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HI its good Idea can you help me implement on my village.

Jeetendra Shrivastava

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Dear All,

We are willing to venture into the Indian Rural area. If anybody can assist us to find the villages and help us would be good. We are looking for NGO's to help us in this.
Please revert back to me on

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yes i will give 100s of villages network in up jharkhand and orissa,
if you people are really intersted please call me 09651025361 or mail me on

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all that sound good may not be true with in the context of Renewable energy , the put cost for this still too high, though government is trying to extend in terms of subsidy as initial substation cost is not really working, the thing here is setting up some project most likely the solar is is becoming an obvious choice , but when to coming to maintenance part for long time at the rural set it has bean grossly neglected, the more important thing now is more and more NGO should at the local level should be more aware of the nuts & bolts of how the system function, increase awareness of this system and people education is more important.

case in the post an average in rural india , 95% of this solar stuff got failed, where this 5% these projects are supported by some kind of institutions or corporates.

the lesson leaned is unless we go all out select the some remote villages and look for infrastructure in those villages, such a man power , using the right gadgets and most importantly local community is most important.

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i 100% agree with ramachandra reddy,

but iwll show what he said in my project.

it is possible
we already successed in so many villages
by developping in local enterprinuesre

if any body wants to see my project

please fell free to contact me

now i am in working utter pradesh

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Respected Sir
Bharoti Sangha is a non-political, non-Governmental, non- profitable registered under society registration Act, 1961.It has been registered on 2nd March 1996.The organization served long time in the community of ‚Sunderban‛ (India) basically the organization involved in development of rural people, women empowerment, income generation programmed, child protection regarding the purpose of child abuse, enhance the inner quality of rural people by their developmental needs, as well as social development. The vision is the good of all mankind, irrespective of cast or religion for a just human society. Literacy and social awareness, self-realization and self- support, community health and leadership, relief and rehabilitation empowering and encouraging the people, are the mission of this organization.
Our Organizations vision is to build a Rural Community Technology Centers targeting young women in low to moderate income communities in the south24pargana located within India. The project aims to empower young women with technology skills to strengthen local Indian villages. It is estimated that within a span of three years, the project will have benefited over one thousand young women. Using the skills they have acquired, the girls can achieve financial independence by seeking work in word processing, database preparation and office management which are opportunities plentiful in the area.
A high proportion of young women in rural areas do not have any opportunity to acquire computer skills which is important to both the educational process and a significant contributor to achieving positive career outcomes. The project aims to empower young women with technology skills by providing Microsoft Office and computer programming training, dispensing information technology career guidance and providing encouragement for further education. This is main purpose But where the project are implemented there is no popper electecity, our needs a number of solar pleat ,so please help us…. Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,

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Dear Mr.Vasanthkumar,

Your concep abt solar energy conservation is briliant.I would like to know that How it can developed through NGO??

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Dear Tanya
I also working on how NGO can push this concept. So if you want to know more you can contact me on 9825121057.


Krishna Vaishnav's picture

Dear Tanya
I also working on how NGO can push this concept. So if you want to know more you can contact me on 9825121057.


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Dear Krishna Vaishnav,

Thanks for the suggestion/Help....I will contact u ASAP.

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Dear All,
Please feel free to contact to get customized solar solutions for rural/urban/industrial areas.Would be happy to help.

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Dear Sir/ Madam,

ECCO is a professionally managed, venture funded company with the aim of touching lives through affordable, environment friendly products for the masses. It is promoted by a passionate bunch of entrepreneurs who have developed a patent pending technology and an extremely usable design of a Solar Chargeable, LED light.

Key features

-Multipurpose ( Ceiling light,Reading light,Torch light,Wall mount mode,Portable lantern mode)

-4 Level of brightness( High-10 Hr Backup, Medium-15 Hr Backup, Low-25 Hr Backup, Dim-250 Hr Backup)

-Micro Controller based Patent pending technology for longer backup time( 10 hr to 250 hr) and faster charging

-Mobile charging

-Designed and made in India

-1 year warranty

The proprietary technology enables the product to have longer usage time( 10 hours to 250 hours) and flexible charging options including Solar and AC Grid based charging. The design of the light ensures wide usability; it can be used for ambient lighting, study lighting and is also portable. Other features include mobile charging and night lamp. Based on these features we aim to be a market leader in this segment.

This product is very suitable for the rural masses and the urban poor. We seek your cooperation in extending the product reach to your area of influence. We see several possibilities of working with your esteemed organization:

· Facilitates budding entrepreneurs who wants to earn livelihood through selling and servicing ECCO’s products.

· Provide ECCODiva to further the business activities through enhanced productivity and longer working hours for weavers, shopkeepers and other small business owners.

· Enhancing living standard of the target segment through the Donation/Charity route.

· Provide ECCODiva to your own field staff, in order to improve their working conditions.

Please visit our site for further details. We look forward to meeting your team to explore possible areas of cooperation.

I am attaching the brochure of our product.

Warm Regards,
Dhruv Goyal


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Feel very nice after reading these posts , awareness of helping poor is growing , is a good sign .I just wanted to share .... I am into LED business & just completed one project of rural lighting by solar panels & LED at small village of 23 homes / 100 people from tribal community , near Sakur , taluka sangamner , dist. ahmednagar , maharashtra . This was done with the help of CSR funding of a IT company . The happiness on the faces of villagers was simply outstanding . even the govt. officers who visited were also very much impressed & were ready to help in next projects .
it was my first project , now I am very confident and ready to do such more projects if any NGO is taking care of finance .

Dhairyasheel Joshi , Pune

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I am the C.E.O for Hope Star Foundation International in Ghana-West Africa.we care for billiant but needy children,oldage people,vocational and orphans education in rural communities.we are there fore appealing to your Organization to support us with some of Sola Lights to inprove quality education in rural communities.Thank you.Emmanuel. Cont:+233(0)249645199

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I am the commercial manager at my organization. we can provide all the solution on solar energy & LED LIGHTING For any enqueiry contact me at +91-9716472702

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Thanks Avinash ji...I will be in mobile 9433056776

G. K GHOSH's picture

Thanks Avinash ji...I will be in mobile 9433056776

G. K GHOSH's picture

Thanks Avinash ji...I will be in mobile 9433056776

G. K GHOSH's picture

Thanks Avinash ji...I will be in mobile 9433056776

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how can I join this orgnisation

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Dear Tanmay Dinda,
I am sure by this time you must have experimented the suggestions made in my above website. I have put it on NGO post because there is nothing commercial about it and anybody and everybody can get the benefit out of the knowledge.

I have so far visited a number of villages in Mysore District in Karnataka on my voluntary service to rural kids in upgrading their employability skills even during school days. Invariably I carry one or two mirrors with me and after my interactive sessions with the kids and staff, I exhibit how their rooms can be lit up with bright sunlight by using these mirrors. Many are following this novel initiative and children are happy that they do not have to strugle with their eyes to read books or write notes.

If you have any problems, please call me 9845950440, Heritage City of Mysore.

Best wishes
Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

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This was done with the help of CSR funding of a IT company . The happiness on the faces of villagers was simply outstanding . even the govt. officers who visited were also very much impressed & were ready to help in next projects . Ladies Boots

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I am sure by this time you must have experimented the suggestions made in my above website. auto loan ohio I have put it on NGO post because there is nothing commercial about it and anybody and everybody can get the benefit out of the knowledge. cotton yarn manufacturers

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Please can i get some of the solar for my comunity school?

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I have completed M.Tech in Energy Technology and working as a Professor in Engg. college. Wants to be a part of rural developement specially electrification and sanitation. Anybody  can contact me who works in maharashtra.


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Thanks Avinash ji...I will be in touch...

My Email-Id:-

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dear vasanth sir
i am assistant professor from mysore
i am interested in solar lighting projects in rural areas. i am associated with one ngo also kindly help me in this regard. my dream is to see that all mothers students kids in rural must see light even after sunset

interested people can also join with me


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We developed a solar village near Sundarban known as Devipur with help from Corporate and Government agencies implemented by Sri Ramakrishna Ashram, Nimpith and covered 75 families so far.

Goli's picture

Dear Ghosh,
Could you share a more detailed email regarding the solar village. Is Solar used only for lighting, or for other purpose as well.

G. K GHOSH's picture

Ok..I will do so in a day or two

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sir i am shankar kumar iam director of ngo orgnisetion i am intrested in solar lightig projectn in bihar so kindly send detaile of solar lightig prject on my e mail

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I really liked this idea of rural electrification I think this will revolutionize the whole concept of electricity. By using this method you no longer will have to depend on other sources for electricity.

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From the lighting angle, we had piloted along with NEDCAP, a non conventional energy department of AP, a smokeless village concept in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Smokeless village primarily refers to the use of biogas for energy requirement of the families as well as lighting. Mainly, dairy rich villages and especially in watersheds, the concept became a success. Each family in the village was having a biogas, which primarily met the fuel required for cooking and ligting.

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I am touched by the views expressed by all on efficacy of solar energy. With fossil fuels spewing out unbearable pollutants and the health costs skyrocketing, clean energy from the sun is the only hope for the people living and generations to come. I wish to support a committed movement for propagating the idea of energising rural india through solar power. Wish you all the best in your endeavour.

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agree with you anandji. I too support the idea.

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