SANCHAYAN - India's 1st NGO dedicated to Financial Literacy

Sanchayan is a ngo dedicated exclusively to spreading financial literacy and awareness among the youth and adults from low-income background. Sanchayan conducts free workshops for the underprivileged youth on topics ranging from the basics of banking, credit cards and PAN cards to the investing in shares and mutual funds, so that these youth can become financially aware and also a part of the mainstream banking and financial services industry. Sanchayan's  Mission is to create a financially literate India, leading to a financially secure society, wherein each person has access to basic banking and other financial services. 

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Hi Chidambara,
Thanks for introducing Sanchayan to us all. The idea is very bright! Can you please let us know how you reach out to school & college students/underprivileged? In what regions of the country do you operate?

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Hello Badhri, Thanks for your interest in the concept. Well, we conduct outreach workshops for privileged as well as underprivileged youth in Delhi/NCR. We are trying to make this self-sustaining by charging privileged segment and doing free workshops for the underprivileged, but it is very difficult to convince the privileged schools and colleges to pay up. Otherwise, the program is quite successful and appreciated because the content is relevant.The topics in these workshops range from the basics of banking, shares and mutual funds to the everyday practical finance that each of us needs to know and understand for a better future. We simplify finance for the underprivileged. We are working for Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy and finally the most important - Financial Security. Hope that I have been able to resolve your query. Take Care.

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Hey, NGOPOST seems like a good platform to spread the idea of financial inclusion & literacy and to source volunteers for conducting workshops for the Youth. Let's explore how we can involve the youth to understand and manage money so that they can become financially independent.

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can i know whether we can join this NGO.
i m a finance student n wld lik to contribute in this project.

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Hi Kalyani, Yes you can definitely volunteer for Sanchayan. We are as it is looking for motivated people to join. Kindly email me your CV at or


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i have mailed my cv.
i wld just like to know wer do u operate.
mumbai or some other state?

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i think der is a lot of scope in Mumbai for this project. i know many institutions here which wil readily agree..!!
kindly do tel whether u guys carry out ur projects in mumbai too or only delhi?

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i think der is a lot of scope in Mumbai for this project. i know many institutions here which wil readily agree..!!
kindly do tel whether u guys carry out ur projects in mumbai too or only delhi?'s picture

hey gr8 initiative..
let me know if anything in maharashtra


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hey rupali,

thanks for the appreciation! we are working on opening a chapter in mumbai so will keep you posted.


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Hi Chidambara,
I appritiate and adore the work done by you and your NGO. Sanchayan is doing great work in attaining most significant goals of th eCountry like Financial Inclusion and Financial Empowerment. I am also contributing towards Financial Education and people like you inspire me in my work.



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hii sanchayan thanx for the nice effort to introduce the concept of finance and banking and conducting finance literacy campaign to the unreachables and financial vulnerables....thanx again..i am an agriculturist and rural extension worker..nice to know about you guys...wish u luck!!!

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Tanks Mainak for the encouragement. Definitely appreciate it!!

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my pleasure chidambara...its a very nice effort from your part....tell me if i can be of any help...ihad worked in agricultural field and rural upliftment for many years....and i know the rural scenario....thanx a lot...and wish u luck..

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Will keep you in loop for everything. If I am not wrong you are based in Mumbai and once we finalize on the details of opening the chapter we will get in touch with you.

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Platform for ngo to share there activities and achievments....i have started this blog Jan4 2011...if you want to share something on my blog Please mail me...My aim is to collect stories of small NGOs show their achievement and activities to the people..........please visit

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hi.. i want to be a part of this NGO. can you please guide me regarding this. I have done ICWA and currently woking In Housing And Urban Development Corporation Ltd. as a Management Trainee in Dehradun.

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you can mail me at thanx.

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i wish to continue my CA course , but iam the sole bread winner of my family , can i get any help????????????????

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