Are you a trainer, teacher or one who has the capability to train school students in your spare time?

Sanchayan Society is aNGO committed to the cause of improving financial inclusion for students. After having an initial sitting with you, we will take you through an orientation program that will equip you with tools to handle your task. Later, based on your convenience, you can take such 2 hour sessions and earn a professional fee, as and when you can spare time.

If you have the capability to make use of your free time to teach children the basics of financial management, we look forward to hear from you.

You may be a teacher, trainer or one who has been trained as such. Even if you are a college student or feel that you have the ability to communicate and reach out to children, you are welcome. This way you can help children, earn for yourself , and help the cause of a child's overall development.

Send us an email with your CV today at with your details!!



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i am m.a gender study student RGNIYD deemed university in tamil nadu .i am inters ed work with your organization if you need my service you can contact my

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