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After successful completion of "Project Chauraha"( , Team Edwell is now planning to come up with " School on Wheel" for slum kids.

We have done a lot of home work in this direction & referred to current SoW Projects like one being run by Delhi Govt, one in Maharashtra Launched by Reliance Industries & one more by a Pune Based organization, which is supported by ASHA foundation.

All these Projects are being run on Grants. But our focus is on Self Sustainability & Scalability. We are doing lot of permutation & combination to achieve that in this project.

I would like to invite like minded people to come forward & share opinion & material for the same.


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Hi Edwellian,
What subject do you teach for the slum kids?

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We are teaching general subjects like Hindi English & Maths but we have changed the pedagogy entirely....we brought innovation in teaching methodology keepint the contents same...that turned out to be huge suuccess for us in terms of Child retention & their speed of learning...

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Hi Adarsh,
No we are not looking for anything in study material or teaching tools.... rather we are lookimg for suggestions to make School on Wheel Project Scalable & Sustainable.

Pls provide me something in that direction...

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That is great. As for sustainability, I have not been able to think of much. But few things the students can be taught to buld rather than buy. For example, notebooks - can be stitched. They learn a skill and use the product. similarly, chalk piece. If you can arrange for the chalk and the mould, it easy and probably cheaper. May be you can teach them to bind books, which may give them some earning capability when they grow old.

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Thanks Badhri!
That's really a good suggestion, but i dont want to put the burden on sustainability on we are thinking in terms of using this Bus as a mobile selling unit for FMCG products for certail period in day something like that...our prime concern is to help kinds in enjoying their childhood insted of any kind of pressure....Let's do more brain storming...

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Hi Edwellian,

Are you looking for innovative study materials in the areas you teach or something that could complement the teaching, such as a training for the children?

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Hi Edwellian,

For self-sustainability, you could conduct a 'workshop' providing hands-on- learning about various science subjects with kids from cities. (Possibly tie-up with a school). Profits from workshop could contribute to the 'School on Wheel' program.

You could collect good books via donations, and lend them to kids. Charge a membership fee for the 'library'

It would be helpful if you indicate the approximate amount (just a ball park figure) required to be self-sustainable. It will help determine the scale on which income needs to be generated and we can brainstorm more.

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