Science Day Events by School Students, Feb 25 & 27, Bombay

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The school is at Hari Om Nagar... off-Eastern Express Highway in Mulund.

From: Nalanda Public School
Date: Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 9:35 PM
Subject: Invitation
Dear  Chandni 
Science Day Invitation

2011 – 2012

Science  is  magic, Science  is  fun

Science is helpful, To each and  everyone

From the  discovery  of  fire, And  invention  of  the  wheel

Man has  made  progress, In  each  and  every field

Machines make life easy, Computers are a boon

The age of Robots, Will  be  here  soon

The sequence of  discoveries, Must  never  ever  end

Man  has  reached  the  moon, Into  the  universe  he  must  transcend

Here we  are  at Nalanda, Contributing  our  own  little  bit

Learning  how  things  work, Persevering  we  are  at  it  still

We’ll  carry  out  experiments, New  facts we’ll find

You  are  invited to  join  this  journey

A Unique  one  of  its  kind.


*       For our Open House, on  Saturday 25th Feb 2012, from 9:00  am  to 12 noon, at NPS. We have lots of exhibits, working models, PPT presentations that offer visual & mental stimulation. So do come prepared to spend the entire three hours, with your children.

*       On  Monday, 27.02.2012  from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at  Korum Mall, Thane 

*       We request your presence in full strength to lend support and encouragement to our children on the above occasions.


On behalf of the  NPS Family                                                          Date    21.02.12

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