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Dear ALL,

Ours is registered NGO under the socities registration act, 35 of 2001, FCRA, 12A & 80G working for the downtrodden sections of the society in Kurnool District of AP since 2003.

All the donations are exempted u/s 80G of income tax act.

Please support our causes:

1. 1 day health camp in a remote habitat for 100 very poor tribals

2. Corpus Fund

3. Donate a sewing machine and assist a very poor woman learn tailoring and embroidery for 3 months

4. General Fund

5. Rehabilitate a street child by providing food clothing shelter education for a year

6. Sponsor one year computer training to give an adolescent dalit girl the opportunity to earn a living

7. Sponsor the honorarium of a paralegal counselor for a year to fight against domestic violence

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I, Gorla Mallikarjuna have done my Bachelor of Engineering and Master in Social Work working towards child labour rehabilitation programs, prevention of child labour, human rights promotion awareness programs, dalit empowerment, income generating activities for the poor destitute women, child more



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