Seva Foundation: Compassion in Action

by ameetdesh on Dec 14, 2007      Category: Health & Disability Tags: usa video on seva foundation

Watch a short video about history of Seva foundation USA. Over the course of nearly 30 years, Seva Foundation has helped over two million blind people see again through affordable eye care services in Asia and Africa. In the past year alone, Seva-supported programs served over 500,000 people worldwide. More than 25,000 children received care to prevent blindness and over 30,000 people had cataract surgery to restore their eyesight. Since 1986, Seva Foundation has worked side-by-side with indigenous groups in Chiapas, Mexico and in northern Guatemala to help them meet the basic needs of their communities. In just the past year, Seva's Community Self-Development Program (CSD) brought new opportunities to over 60,000 people struggling to find a way out of poverty. Seva has long partnered with Native Americans working to build healthy communities, sustain their cultures, and protect sacred lands and the environment.

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