Shame the corrupt with Rs0

by aaditeshwar on Sep 13, 2007      Category: Others Tags: india corruption

Fifth Pillar India, a Chennai-based organisation that battles corruption, will release 1 lakh notes of ‘zero denomination’ in Mumbai next month. The next time a Municipal Corporation clerk demands a bribe to issue that clearance certificate, grease his palm with the new currency note! Image source.

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interesting concept. Though I doubt it will help serve any real purpose. Obviously these government officials are not ashamed of being corrupt. They will continue as long as they know they aren't going to be punished and people prefer paying to harassment.

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Yeah, I agree. I guess it's similar to whether or not the 'Gandhigiri' ideals promoted by the Munnabhai movie will produce any sustainable effects on the people. But all the same, probably this is a stereotype, but I feel that Indians are driven by rhetoric much more than other cultures :)

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Rcently had a first hand experience with corruption at Mumbai customs. I have blogged about it here
It is very difficult to get rid of it, without a strong management at top, change of constitution to enable firing a public servant, rightsizing beaurocracy and increasing their 'normal' wages.

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I have a little different take on corruption, I think lot of times, people are more keen to give the bribe and finish off their task rather than take up the fight. I am not saying that there is no corruption, but lots of times people are more keen to give bribe then the officer is keen to take bribe.

Consider the case of Driving license, most of the people in my office have given bribe to get the driving license. Because it is faster and because of notion that RTO is corrupt. I have gone to RTO and got the license, without paying a single rupee extra, and I know some few who have done the same. It took little more time, but I guess that is what is required.

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