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by aradhya on Nov 21, 2007      Category: Health & Disability Tags: mumbai cause work social help donor bood donors good sign

Hi! We're a group of students from the Rotaract Club of Chiron and we'd like you to help us with a non profit initiative that we've set out on. It's called Mumbai Blood Donors (http://www.mumbaiblooddonors.org/ ). We're trying to create a comprehensive database of voluntary blood donors - we want to create a directory, a sort of yellow pages; so that if you're in need of blood in Mumbai and can't find a donor, the website can help you. Everyday, hundreds need blood for transfusions, operations, accident treatment and other reasons. We believe each Mumbaikar can help by reaching out to these people. If you're between 18 and 55 years of age and think that you're ready to donate blood to someone who might be in dire need, please sign up. The success of this endeavour lies in numbers. Please tell all your friends about this... the site might save a few lives someday. Also, please give us your feedback; tell us if we can improve the service. You can e-mail us at admin@mumbaiblooddonors.org. A reminder: Mumbai Blood Donors is a public directory, it is not a commercial venture. Your contact details will be made public. It has been created to help those who need blood urgently. Please sign up if you wish to support a genuine cause. (http://www.mumbaiblooddonors.org/reg.aspx ). Thanks for your time!

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Hi Aradhya, this is a noble cause but I remember seeing something like this before. On searching the web, I found a host of good resources here:


You could consider joining forces with one of these?

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Hi, parul8ue.
Yup, there are similar directories online, although they function a little differently.
Moreover, this is a focussed resource dedicated to the city of Mumbai and the surrounding areas.
Moreover, the search is highly optimized and helps you find donors very close to the suburb you're in.
We've just embarked on this project, so there's a lot of scope for improvement, a lot we can change and add to the site.
It's more than just a directory, it's intended to be an information resource, a blood bank info resource and much more.
Here's hoping people sign up!

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