Spare a Thought for the Urban Poor - by Mrinal Pande

by Avikk on May 19, 2009      Category: Housing & Sanitation Tags: housing urban poor mcd livemint

This is an article by Mrinal Pande (Columnist in Livemint). 

The article talsk about the practical problems faced by the poor people living in city slums and the heady mix of politics and poverty. What I like about this article is that it illustrates the actual problems faced by the poor in the slums and also about the MCD (Government's) lethargic approach to helping the poor. Politicians use the poor for their benefits and forget them after the elections. The poor are also responsible for their problems as can be seen by the greed and selfish behaviour of the family members of the poor. Anyways, overall this is the actual situation in many city slums and also many villages (as I have seen from personal experiences). 


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