Subhash Palekar : Organic farming not that good

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Subhash parlekar has his own methong of farming which is called Zero budget natural farming. Here all the fertizliers are got from the natural occuring things in villages such as cow dung, cow  urine, milk etc. He is against the vermicompost kind of farming, because of various reasons as he states in this video.

I had heard about his technique from various people when I traveled to Wardha last year. Lot of people use his technique and have benefited from it.


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excellent work... a great n meaningful video... thanks a lot.....

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Who is this idiot!!!.
Even though I agree with zero input natural farming(which is nothing new, its another movement gaining popularity its called Permaculture west)
I even agree about the exploitation, I won't get into the details.
My concern here is this IDIOT is trying to sensationalize this issue.
Organic forming not "more poisonous" than chemical farming because it does not use chemicals. Where there are not chemicals polluting th soil and water, Its not getting into our food and not killing us slowly, How can it even be called poisonous????
This idiot does not even know the meaning of the word organic, Please look it up in the dictionary.
I just harvested lentils grown 2 by 10 feet piece of land in my garden(that normally people keep to grow flowers, the rest of the land is cemented) with ZERO INPUT.
What do I call it, ORGANIC Why because the meaning of the word organic means natural, its all of the below:
*Simple, healthful, and close to nature: an organic lifestyle.
*Having properties associated with living organisms.
*Resembling a living organism in organization or development; interconnected: society as an organic whole.
*Constituting an integral part of a whole; fundamental.

As you see the last two meaning are the basis for calling this kind of natural farming organic.
Later on fertilizers made from vegetables and animals were called organic(not the other way around) since they were used for organic farming solely because there are not chemicals.

Organic fertilizers are not necessary for organic farming.
This idiot does not even know that even Organic certification does not require farmers to buy organic fertilizers from the market.

Humus is destroyed with Chemical farming, I cannot understand how organic farming(using organic fertilizers) will destroy humus. Organic fertilizer are nothing but vermi compost. Vermi compost is rich in microorganism.
What the hell is vermi compost.
Its decomposition.

This idiot does not know what organic farming is and is simply calling it more poisonous worse calling it more poisonous than chemical farming
Its such a joke.

So a person who uses vermi-compost is more poisonous than Endosulphan and Round up Poisons.
That does not make sense.
Just because some one is speaking does not mean you interview him.
I want to challenge this idiot to a debate and I want him to prove how organic farming is more poisonous that Chemical farming.

he himself says that Chemical farming destroy humus but Organic farming does not burn it.
So how the hell is organic farming more poisonous that chemical farming.

IMO Modern organic farming is not as sustainable as Ancient farming methods. using cowdung.

He is sensationalize the issue.
He does not know that there are plenty of "food forest" around the world that do not use cowdung.
We never used cowdung in our farm(as we do not have desi cowdug and we are growing it in our backyard in our city).

Irresponsible comments like this is what is still keeping Chemical farming alive.
Tomorrow someone will only post the first part of this video as a defense against chemical farming, saying that a farmer himself is saying this.

The idiot is simply trying to sell his book and passing such Idiotic comments like Organic farming is MORE poisonous than chemical farming.

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Hey Revraj,
Well Subhashji has his own ideas, but actually when I traveled around India, last year, quite a number of farmers, in around Wardha were using his farming technique and were really having great results. He is quite well know figure in Mahashtra, I guess.

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You are missing the Point Goli,
I do agree with "his"techniques, cause to being with its not "HIS" techniques and its ancient farming practices that was being practiced around the world.

I am angry because of his starting comment that Organic farming is More poisonous that chemical farming.
he never explains the reason, he just goes on to talk about cowdung.
Vermicompost with cowdung is superior to simple vermicompost.
But Vermi compost without cowdung is NOT poisonous and definately not more poisonous that chemical pesticides.

Please read this link

See that this natural "organic" fertilizer is made from cowdung and it categorized as Organic farming.

I agree with the oppression but he has got it wrong again!!
The certification is the "control" not the organic fertilizer available in the market
Organic fertilizers is infact made my other organic farmers and not my any corporate
The corporates and Elite want to control the organic farming(and also corrupt it) through certification.

So I believe that govt should ban non-organic farming and monitor the farming testing it for free(with tax payers money, after all this is going to be benefit all tax payers as they will get cheap organic food, it is the certification that makes the organic food costly, amongst other things, in 2006 Indian govt gave a 750000 crore subsidy for fertilizers, Please note that all of this money goes directly into the pocket of the fertilizer company, if this money was directed towards promotion of organic farming and banning of pesticides and fertilizer, Food will become free)

This Palekar Fellow is not only falsely parading ancient knowledge as his own, but in the process to gain popularity he seems to getting overzealous, when he is calling organic farming as "more poisonous" than chemical farming
That is totally wrong and unacceptable.

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organic farming is really dangerous than chemical farming,,,,,, thanks to palekarji...

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Dear all,

Does anybody know a ZBNF(subhash palekarji) Model farm with *drip irrigation* in and around Bangalore?
Wanted to know how the filtering of the Jiwamrita should be done.

Any help is appreciated.



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