Sulabh International Social Service Organisation

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Sulabh, a non-governmental organisation has built 1,200,000 toilets and 5,500 community public toilet complexes which are used by approximately 10 million people everyday throughout the country. This success has lead to the liberation and rehabilitation of 60,000 scavengers in India. Besides, the organisation has also successfully researched and developed alternative bio-energy sources generated from wastes.   These technologies, innovations and methodologies are sustainable, replicable and affordable and they are recommended by the WHO, World Bank / UNDP etc. for adoption in all Third World countries. While giving shape to its dream projects, Sulabh has established coordination with various national and international agencies, including British Council, USAID, BORDA, a German organisation, Commission of European Union, Belgium, GERES, France, CEEIC, HRIEE, China and Haskoning and Euroconsult, a Dutch firm. Sulabh's is a major initiative towards setting up a clean living environment, making possible a good and productive community life in a new and discrimination-free social order.

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I am a consultant on technology transfer for rural areas. Please visit for more more



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The website I had for Sulabh:

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Environmental Sanitation Institute, based in Ahmedabad:


Ecological Sanitation Project in Auroville:


The ECOSAN toilet:


Chitra in Bangalore also offers eco-toilets:


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That was one great success for modern India..............but it will be more a good success I think if the same were spread over to public places like bus stands, railway stations where the maintenance is really poor! There are some Sulabh establishments near to those stations in some places, but to replace is more better that just keeping the bad like that and improving the good in another place! Right?

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