Support me in imparting quality education for differently abled

A search for education of differently abled ended. I found The Shraddhanjali Integrated School(SIS) run under the aegis of The Association of people with disability (APD). Started in 1973, each day the excited chatter of children with different type of disabilities reverberates through the school block at the campus of APD in Lingarajapuram, Bangalore.

SIS gives admission to children with cerebral palsy, speech and hearing impairments, muscular dystrophy, and locomotor disability. It teaches students from nursery to Class VII after which they are ready to study with students in regular schools. The exposure to this eventual mainstreaming begins from day one as 25% of SIS’s students are those with regular physical and mental abilities.

Children with disabilities, however, need something more than text books and toys in the course of their learning. At SIS, blocks of empowerment build the foundation to prepare them for the journey of a lifetime.

SIS’s holistic approaches progress from parent counseling to medical interventions. If required, the children undergo surgeries. They are providing mobility aids and appliances parallel to physiotherapy services. The school is fully equipped with physical facilities to make the classroom and playground a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Special seating arrangements are in place. SIS follows an academic curriculum prescribed by the Government of Karnataka. At the same time, the mode of teaching encourages activity based education.

SIS caters to children from different socio-economic segments and provides mid-day meals and uniforms to the needy. Its dedicated buses reduce the responsibility of arranging for transport for the parents.
Join me in my pledge of supporting this wonderful school. Visit:
 to support quality education for differently abled.

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-Krishna Tadepalli, Volunteer, APD.

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A software engg by profession. A music lover, A violinist and a volunteer... :) more



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Yuppie!!!! Got first contribution from Srimugunthan Dhandapani!!!

- Krishna

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You might want to read some articles related to the differently abled here:

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Thanks for sharing Chandni. :)


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My pleasure, Krishna. :)

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I've no idea how this is but FYI:

Training on Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment Programme in Gurgaon, Nov 6-11

Organised by

Am not posting all the details here.

You could get in touch with me or them if you want them.

Excerpts from their mail:

FIE is an intervention program designed to modify the cognitive structure of students ranging from slow performers to gifted underachievers.

The training shall be conducted by Dr. Louis Falik, a clinical psychologist, a Professor of Counseling at San Francisco State University, Training and Research Associate of the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential (Jerusalem, Israel), and Co-Director of the Western Center for Cognitive Learning and Development (San Francisco, California).

Course fee: Rs 17,000/-

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Thanks a lot Chandini,

Can you send me the full mail please? So that I can send the same across APD staff for the interested. - my mail id.


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Hi Krishna

Nice to see your article being featured in NGO Post. Having closely worked you , it is needless to say that you are one energetic lot which make the whole volunteering experience wholesome and value added.Hats off to you !!!

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Thanks a lot Neetu :)

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Discussion on Attention Difficulties in Children, Oct 24, Bombay

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Chandini, That was informative. But unfortunately I was out of station and just saw your post just now... :(

- Krishna

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Ah. You could perhaps ask them to share a report they might have prepared on the sessions.

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Sure :) Thanks a lot...

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Needed: Job in Pune for a Lebanese Psychomotor Therapist

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New school in Bangalore for children with learning disabilities

From Chintan

From: Chetana Keni
Date: Tue, Mar 2, 2010
Subject: Remedial School - Learning Disbilities

Hi Chintan

My name is Chetana Keni. I live in Bangalore. I work with Children with
Learning Difficulties.

I am trying to set up Remedial Centres and a Remedial School in Bangalore so
these children can be given specific help with the 3R's and
mainstreamed/homeschooled depending on the choice/need.

I am attaching a short writeup here. It is my passion to reach out to these
children and their parents so they are enjoy their childhood and celebrate
their uniqueness.

Kindly reply back if you have any more queries.

With best regards



Dear All

I am starting a Remediation School for children diagnosed with learning
difficulties in the age group of 6-16 years in HSR Layout Bangalore. It is a
form of alternative schooling where you come to get your basic skills and
continue to either homeschool or mainstream. The program can be extended to
homeschoolers if they want an assisted collective learning environment for
the academics. Different time slots and days can be worked out.

I am a Special Educator and a School Counselor working with children with
Learning Difficulties. I have also homeschooled my gifted son with Specific
Learning Difficulties in Reading, Writing and Spelling for three years after
which he has decided to join school again for social interaction and
collective/collaborative learning opportunities which was difficult for me
to provide.

However the 3 years of a Total Remediation Program helped him to cope up,
regain confidence and also complete 5 grade levels in English, Math and
Science. Today he is considered as an asset to the School. Of course full
credit goes to the School also, who have agreed to make several
accommodations to nurture his intellectual gifts as well as manage his

Coming back to the Remedial School, the emphasis will be on helping these
children to pick up the 3R’s using techniques which I have designed, tried
and tested in the past four years. Our advisory panel consists of Special
Educators who have worked with LD since the last 20 years.

Children with LD have average to above average intelligence and generally do
not fit into the mainstream because of the one size fits all curriculum and
rote learning. In my experience these children learn want to know the *Why*and
*How* of anything they are asked to learn and learn best when these
questions are answered.

The School will share the campus with a mainstream concept school run by a
well known group who are into education from several years. They use
innovative teaching methods drawing upon the multiple intelligences of the
child. The curriculum is also delivered using a multisensory approach like
LCD Projectors and Videos etc.

Parents of children with LD will have a choice to either place their
children for a total remedial program at the Remedial School or elect for a
mix of the mainstream school with remedial assistance. A stop gap
arrangement also is available where children from other schools can take a
few months or year off from their regular school and attend here.
Homeschoolers who would want to continue with homeschooling can choose the
earlier program. The Remedial School will run from 9 am to 2 pm.

In addition we are offering an After School Remedial Program for children
attending any other mainstream school and who need help in specific areas
like Reading, Spelling, Written Expression and Comprehension. Special Study
Skill workshops and Group/Private Counseling is also offered for adolescents

The curriculum is being designed with the CBSE guidelines which will have a
total remedial base. This is to help children build up the required concepts
right from the beginning to enable them to successfully appear for the Open
Schooling/IGCSE exams. Children can also elect to seamlessly move into a
mainstream school when they feel they are ready.

If any of you need more details kindly contact me on 0-9-8-4-5-4-9-7-9-0-1
or email me at **. Volunteers, Teachers and suggestions
are also welcome.

With warm regards

Chetana Keni

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