Support Needed for Bhopal Gas Disaster Victims Indefinite dharna in Delhi

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Dear Friends,

This is both a personal appeal as well as from the Bhopal gas disaster victims who are currently camping at Jantar Mantar to bring to light their disagreements with the recommendations made by the newly reconstituted Group of Minister on Bhopal. The recommendations fall short of addressing many issues related to second generation affected children and victims of contaminated groundwater.

However, as you are well aware surviving on the streets isn't easy. I remember 2008 dearly when during our six month long protest you supported us in all possible ways. You came and sat with us, sang songs, helped us in making placards, made plays and took them to College outreach, you helped me with logistics and other day to day work and participated in our many different direct directions. Once in a while every day some of you would check on me and Bhopalis, if we were doing ok!  I have been away for studies for almost a year and now that I have returned it seems Delhi has changed considerably. With almost negligible volunteer support we have been struggling hard to keep up with the challenges of sustaining the protest in Delhi especially now that the city seems all the more inconducive for ordinary citizens due to Common wealth games preparations. And so I am writing to seek your support once again. Please do volunteer your time and energy with us. And do not hesitate in letting me know ways in which we can make this feasible.

Besides, we are facing acute financial constraints both towards the daily upkeep of some 150-200 Bhopalis and the expenses towards direct actions.  Your generosity towards supporting our struggle would be deeply appreciated. For donations, we are asking all supporters to send cheques payable in the name of 'The Other Media' at our Bhopal office: Rachna Dhingra, C/o ICJB, 44 Sant Kanwar Ram Nagar, Berasia Road, Bhopal, MP 462001. However, we can also collect the cheques in Delhi itself.

Also, it will really encourage us if you could make sometime and visit us at Jantar Mantar. But if you are unable to do so due to your many engagements please do look out for the daily blog:

Please do not hesitate to call me (9958 92 4989) or Rachna (09826167369) for any further information or discussion. (Meanwhile, I am attaching our demands and views on GOM recommendations for your reference).

Looking forward to your response.
9958 92 4989
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