Surplus wheat rots, poor get 'imported' animal feed

by mohrahit on Oct 04, 2007      Category: Governance Tags: food agriculture wheat import

Worm-eaten, full of dirt, used as animal feed — this is the food for the poor, the red winter wheat imported from Australia. What is imported is actually the shell of the red winter wheat. It is not definitely the best kind of wheat available and is being given out through the public distribution system for the poorest, who can't afford to buy wheat from the market. It is being given to the country's children in anganwadis, the old and the disabled and the young and the penniless. Says a local of Khandwa, Gulabo, "This wheat is very bad. We have never eaten it before and the children complain of indigestion.''

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This is a perennial CRIME in INDIA. Why nobody is making any noise about it. On one hand millions of children starve because of hunger on another millions of tons of food grains rot in India every year.




A perennial problem of plenty !!!!

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