Survey for NGOs working on Disaster Management

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As you are aware, the number of natural disasters affecting our country is on the rise and a larger section of the population is being affected every year. This has made the job of the organizations working on the ground more complex – requiring them to coordinate all activities in an ever expanding geographical area while ensuring accountability and efficiency.


In order to help organizations doing such fantastic work at a crucial time, Samhita Social Ventures ( ) and Logistimo ( ) are building a mobile and web based disaster management platform. The platform will help NGOs:

  • Communicate their needs and requirements to a larger audience consisting of donors, volunteers, support agencies and the media
  • Attract greater donations from individual and institutional donors (both foreign as well as domestic)
  • Receive relief items quickly and track the inventory of materials
  • Provide quick updates from the field to donors
  • Reduce wastage and speed up the process of relief

We encourage all organizations irrespective of their experience in disaster management to take this survey


We are looking for NGO partners and are also seeking advice from practitioners and experts to understand how Indian NGOs respond to and manage disasters. If your organization has prior experience in disaster management and would like to be a partner on this project please contact me at  


For any queries or further details please contact me on

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Sir, Our Ngo is eager to work in this project. I like to get more details to propose this project

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dear sirs one of my coleague is already working on disatermanagement programme at east godavari flood trazady with the support of undp project. are you provide any opportunity to us we will make survey on disatermanagement.
p.shankararao secretary

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dear sir, we are belongs to Kumoun hill area, which is notified Zone V for earthquake. every year in rainy season hundreds of  people lost their life account of havy rain falls. we (Society for Himalayan Environment and geology (SHEg) berinag, distt-pithoragarh, uttarakhand) want to work with ndma. now a days we are involve in compaining school to school (how to manage or save mankind in any disaster). we have some experts who already worked with NDMA. so plz do something for  uttarakhand's hill area. thanks.

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