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What is Teach India?

Teach India is a social initiative from The Times of India that brings together children in need of education and people who can contribute a little time towards teaching them. It is based on one simple principle: If you have the desire to teach, we will put you in touch with children who are willing to learn. To begin with, we are rollling it out in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. We hope to extend it to more cities next year after we have perfected the logistics. The United Nations Volunteers programme is a partner with the Times of India for the Teach India initiative and will provide expertise as well as ongoing technical support in volunteer management. With over 60 NGOs, corporates, schools and social organisations already supporting our cause, we now look for selfless individuals to come forward and help change the future of a child forever, by giving just a few hours a week to Teach India

How do I apply?

As part of the Teach India movement, The Times of India has established partnerships with several NGOs. Anyone interested in participating can visit the Teach India website at www.teach.timesofindia.com and join us. Alternatively, you can also fill out the volunteer registration form, printed on another page in today’s newspaper, and submit it to The Times of India office in your city. To receive the form on email pls SMS TEACH to 58888.

How does Teach India work?

As soon as your completed form reaches us, you will receive a confirmation message. You will then be mapped to one of our NGOs based on your area preference and time commitment, and asked to contact a NGO coordinator assigned to you and meet him/her. Once selected, you will be placed in one of the programmes, and after a basic orientation, your teaching sessions will begin. For more details on Teach India please visit our website at www.teach.timesofindia.com

What kind of education will I be providing?

Teach India aims to help undereducated children through a variety of programmes, including basic education, support classes and even storytelling . These are all very easy to teach programmes in which simple topics have to be taught to children mostly at primary school level. The teaching would be one-on-one or to small groups of children. The type of programme a volunteer is assigned to, will be decided after assessment by the NGO, keeping your location and time preference in mind.

How long will I have to teach?

Teach India is looking for volunteers who can participate in the programme for three months. If you wish to continue teaching beyond that period, it may be made possible by the NGO you are working with through mutual discussion.



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madhu_ramji's picture

The important thing is not so much
that every child should be taught,
as that every child should be given the wish to learn.

John Lubbock

delltechie's picture

teach india started with the bang .I do not hear about any success stories or articles now days. Has the project shut down?

abishitka varma's picture

I would like to participate in teach india but neither SMS not the application provided by you are not responding. Please advise.

admin's picture

Hi Abishitka, I found this from their website, seems their applications are over for now:

Teach India volunteer applications for Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Lucknow, Jaipur and Ahmedabad are now over. We recieved over 18,000 applications in a span of one month from people from all walks of life. We thank all Teach India volunteers for coming forward to support this noble initiative. In the year to come we plan to extend this over more cities in order to help change the future of more children and bring a smile to their faces. This could not have been possible without our NGO partners who tirelessly helped us help those who cared

See you next year!

Team Teach India

ella's picture

i am very much interested in joining this movement plz let me know what is the procedure for the same.

Pritam Pattanayak's picture

Wish to join teach for india.
please help

kriti's picture

evn wen v r initiating.....ur organisation is not responding.....plzzz do so....thanx :)

Abishikta Varma's picture

I am from Hyderabad, and I am interested to join this noble initiative, that is , to teach to he needy. Is there any possibility to initiate the process at Hyderabad. Plese inform me how to proceed further. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

ushaprakash's picture

i am from mumbai.I wish to join this organization.Kindly suggest how to proceed.

reena raturi's picture

Hi I am reena from Delhi thanks to Times of India as they started Teach India. I am associated with NGO through Times Of India as a Volunteer from last l6 months it has given me a new way of living and lot of satisfaction . I will continue this cause for rest of my life Thank you so much Team of Teach India You are doing a great work .

nashs's picture

Tell me if I could be of any help to the Teach India team, I am interested in it.

Roshini's picture

Hey, I am very much interested to join this amazing initiative but like others I cant seem to find any link for further information. Anybody here who has any idea about the same please do let me know.
Thank you!

saachi jain jaiswal's picture

I am very interested to join this initiative, but i cant find any further information as to how to participate. If anyone has any information then please let me know.
Thank you!

Goli's picture

I guess you all should look at Teach for india, kindly go to www.teachforindia.org,
It is different from Teach India.
If you looking for volunteering only on weekends, or something look at the following post

tenzin's picture

Teach India should be initiated in Bangalore as well. Lots of people are interested in contributing something to the society members.

jagadish's picture

We have a NGO running from 4 years working for Child labour education I interested to take up educational projects from Teach india. I want to know the address and phone numbers of TEACH INDIA.

nishanirwan's picture

i want to join teach india program to give my full support in teaching the children but all is in vain as i'm unable to register myself online.
please help me out in joining it.

Prachi Verma's picture

It is quite good decision of starting such a programme.I would love to participate and give my wholly contribution.


how do i apply for teach india this year?
any idea ?!.

rajendra anchan's picture

how do i apply for teach india this year?
any idea ?!.


It is good decision of starting such a program. I would participate and give my contribution.

NasreenKhan's picture

I would to join your org tell me the procedure

Anand Krishnan's picture

I would definitely like to join this initiative. Kudos to the Times Group for such a great program.

Rekha mitra's picture

Hi,I would like to join teach india ,I'm in Delhi,anytime u need volunteer do contact me

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