Treatment for a 3-Year-Old Boy with Cerebral Palsy - Bombay ((tag: Health))

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From: M
Date: Tue, Dec 20, 2011
Subject: Needed kind help for my 3.5 yr old son with CP.

Dear Ms Chandni,

Thanks a lot for your help in spreading the word. If you don’t mind then kindly remove my name,  address (my information) and service details (organization) if possible, but you can give the E-mail id and send (I have given edited mail below)

With Regards,



Dear Sir
/ Madam,

We have
done the Brain MRI at his 8th month and could know that my son Krish Menon's
(3.5 yrs) brain has damaged during birth and affected his motor movement which
led to severe spasticity on his body especially on legs. Now he is unable to
balance, stand or walk. He has started sitting in W legs but sometimes he
falls. He has started speaking some words but not fluently. His therapies cost around
3000 rupees weekly. We have given Botox injection in January 2011 to loosen his
muscles and spent 1.3 Lakhs but could not get much result and still doctor
Ashok Johari ji from Mahim advising for another injection on January 2012.

Since I
am from a middle class family I am unable to manage daily and yearly cost like
this. Wife was working earlier but due to this she is fully busy with Krish. I
am totally fed up and seeking helping hands from you. We have done treatment
for a baby for 10 years and got Krish but by viewing his condition we are
totally broken. We don't know who will care him after our life. So request you
to help us to give Krish a life like a normal child has.

education is also problematic now as no schools at Borivali are ready to give
him admission. He is in the middle stage like not totally retired or not 100%
normal. Due to this we are unable to send him in special schools. Sir, request
your good self to do something favorable to us so that Krish can overcome his
difficulties in near future.

Thanks a
lot in advance.

M K from Borivali, Mumbai

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