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I am excited to let you know about our non-profit organization, United Prosperity (www.unitedprosperity.org).  We are the world’s first person to person loan guaranteeing organization. We aim to help rural entrepreneurs with limited or no access to funds to run their business and attain self reliance. Our unique model multiplies the impact of your money through loan guarantees.  

With United Prosperity, you make an impact on the lives of the needy. Microfinance institutions (MFIs) struggle to get loans from banks because the entrepreneurs they serve cannot provide collateral on their own. So, these genuine hardworking entrepreneurs don’t get the money on time to sustain and grow their small businesses.

On our website, you can browse the profiles of the entrepreneurs screened by our microfinance partner. You can choose one or many entrepreneurs whom you’d like to support ( no minimum amount required). Money collected from generous individuals like you acts as the loan guarantee (a percentage of the loan requested), based on which the bank disburses the loan to the entrepreneur. Once the entrepreneur receives the loan, you can find updates on their progress through our website. Finally, once their loan is repaid, you will be repaid in full or you may choose to support any other entrepreneur.

What Makes us effective?

1.       Our model maximizes the impact of your money!

2.       Our guarantees create local linkages between domestic banks, MFIs and entrepreneurs.

3.       No foreign exchange risk is borne by the entrepreneur.

4.       Our model reduces the interest rate the bank charges the MFI which is ultimately borne by the entrepreneurs.

5.       Our model is designed to access micro funds from people across the globe.

 There are many ways to get involved with United Prosperity. You can become a social guarantor, start your own chapter, donate to United Prosperity, or simply spread the word about our organization. We encourage you to get involved in any capacity you wish. Please take some time and visit our website, www.unitedprosperity.org. I hope that you join us in our efforts.






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I believe in the age old saying - "Be the change you want to See" ! I was involved with Seva Sahyog in, which helps very small schools in teaching, organizing extra curricular activities in different areas of Pune. I strongly believe that quality Education (not just literacy)can bring in permanen.....read more



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Hi Nitin, what are differences in/advantages over models of peer lending organizations like Kiva? I am guessing that they raise 100% of the amount from individuals and you raise part by individuals and part by banks?

How has the banks response been? how much does the interest rate they charge come down by and how much improvement is it for the borrowers?

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Hello Parul,

The major difference is that fund raised from individuals serves as Loan Guarantee and not direct loan.

The local MFI collects this fund and gives it to bank on which bank give loan to MFI which is of larger amount than sum of parts. So this way the impact money raised gets multiplied (eg on a Guarantee of 100 from MFI, bank gives a loan of 130 which then can be disbursed to rural entrepreneurs), MFI develops a relationship with bank and entrepreneurs, as credit history develops between bank and MFI interest rates decreases and multiplication impact increases. This benefits the rural entrepreneurs who get access to loan at lower interest rates without having any credit history with bank.

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Hello Friends,

Do let me know if anybody has any queries and would like to contribute in active way. United Prosperity aims at helping individuals to earn their livelihood and selrespect and in turn help others to grow.

The difference in our approach helps in increasing the impact of your money while creating a local linkage between entrepreneurs, banks and micro finance institute.

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Hello friends

Hope things are going great at your end. Need your help on facebook in a contest for charities. 2 more days to go so please vote and ask others to vote for United Prosperity. We really need some big numbers of vote from current IITB and NGO post community.

To be in top 200,we need 400 votes more, any suggestions in this context are most welcome !!

Please note that voting is restricted to FB users and no age or any other restrictions are applicable.

---------------------------------------------------------PS: The complete voting process takes only 45 seconds once you are online !! Here’s how:

Visit this link on facebook- http://tinyurl.com/397jvvo

Step by Step Instructions (1) Click on Green "Get Started to vote" (2) "Allow" Access (3) Click on "Like" icon for Chase in the corner (4) Finally click on "Vote Now" (Green button). Make sure the vote count increases and your image appears in the list on the right bottom corner


Where will the money go?

United Prosperity’s mission is to end extreme poverty in the world by empowering individuals to provide a compassionate and impactful microloan guarantee that multiplies into a bigger loan for poor families. These microloans help poor entrepreneurs, mostly women, grow their small businesses, better their lives and provide a vehicle for them and their communities to come out of poverty with dignity. The prize money will be used for expanding the current program and helping many more entrepreneurs and their families.

Your vote is needed now!

A Very Big Thank You,

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