Want field information about farmers Suicides

by facevedaraniyam on Jan 31, 2011      Category: * Needs & Opportunities * Tags: farmers India Suicides

Dear NGO friends .

kindly refer information about farmers Suicides.  To make article in a international magazine, those information are needed.

please call me in 9442333503

mail me in  fcrtgtn@rediffmail.com


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you can get in touch with Vibha Gupta, who is part of Magan Sangralaya, in Wardha. She has been working with farmers in that region for sometime and she is a great person to talk about this.

In CNN-IBN awards, there was one techie from Bangalore who had worked extensively on farmer suicides, his name is Rakesh. You can view his video here,

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thanks ubdate me futher if possible

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