Wanted: Volunteers to Conduct a Survey on Education in Antop Hill, Mumbai

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From: parivartan shikshan <parivartanshikshan@gmail.com>

Dear Chandni,

Parivartan has been providing education to children in the Antop Hill area since the last 10 years. Presently, we are running two centers for underprivileged children between the age group of 3 to 12. 

We are planning to expand the program since there is a great need. To do this, we want to collect data about the status of primary education, the obstacles faced, the students' needs, etc. in Antop Hill. We tried our best to collect the actual secondary data from other sources like IIPS census but it wasn't very helpful.

We would like volunteers to come forward and help us in conducting this survey. They will need to visit the households in the slum areas and collect responses on the two-page interview schedule.  We need volunteers who can speak some Hindi and are willing to go to the slums. They will receive training before we start the survey process mostly in the last week of April. Parivartan will be happy to offer certificates to student volunteers who might want it.

Please check the attached presentation and also visit our website for details about our work www.parivartansanstha.org 

Also, please circulate this mail to those who could help us find volunteers.

Thanks a lot.


  --  Kanupriya

Project co ordinator

Parivartan Final


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