What Senior Citizens do on Computer , What they need : Online India Senior Citizen Survey Report May 2011

Report of SIF 'Baseline Survey of Online Senior Citizen 2011'

India is a vast country both in terms of area as well as population. It has a total area of 3,288,000 square kilometers. Its Total population as on 2001 was over 1 Billion.

India is gradually undergoing a demographic change. With decline in fertility and mortality rates accompanied by an improvement in child survival and increased life expectancy, a significant feature of demographic change is the progressive increase in the number of elderly persons.The disintegration of the joint family system and the emergence of nuclear families, has affected the care of the aged the most, Elderly today are the most ignored and neglected segment.

The population of aged people above 60 yrs as on 2010 was estimated at 96 million, i.e. around 8% of total population. According to UN the population of 60+ in 2050 will be around 20%.Life expectancy has increased 60% in last 60 years from 42yrs in 1950 to 69yrs in 2009.Today India has 2nd largest number of Elderly.There is sharp increase in population of Young Old 60yrs to 69 yrs and Old old 80+. Due to this demand and needs of various age groups have changed. Now it is time for civil society and government to rethink their strategy to address the needs of Senior Citizens.

This 'Baseline Survey of Online Senior Citizen 2011' is one of the projects of SILVER INNING FOUNDATION (SIF). This online surveyhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif for Senior Citizens will help us to understand their needs and devise much better programme & projects for the overall well being of our Elders.

This survey was conducted by Silver Inning Foundation (SIF) to assess the requirement and need of Senior Citizens from 1ST Feb 2011 to 31st March 2011. It was hosted on the Survey Site www.questionpro.com at the link: http://SIFBaselineSurveyofOnlineSeniorCitizen2011.questionpro.com

The questionnaire was online for about two month. Wide publicity was given to this survey in a large number of web groups, blogs, websites and by email to Senior Citizens associations, Federations etc.

A total of 646 persons viewed the Questionnaire; however only 231 ventured to answer. Four dropped out half way and their responses were ignored. Results below indicate the verdict of remaining 227 persons i.e. 98.27% (who started and completed).Results are given in Five sections and followed by detail report.

Brief is as following , for detail report see the attachment:

Question 1
What is your Age: 42.04% in Age group of 60yrs to 69 Yrs

Question 2
What is your Gender: Male 78.57%

Question 3
What is your Marital Status: Married 80.91%

Question 4
What is your major source of Income: Pension / Social Security 33.53%

Question 5

How much Time you spend in a day on internet/computer: 1hour to 2 hour 31.70%

Question 6

Which are the activity/activities you do on internet: Email 29.38%

Question 7

What is your typical Daily Activity: Reading Newspaper 15.37%

Question 8

What are your Hobbies: Internet/Computer 19.09%

Question 9
What Kind of Problems you often Face: Health 31.64%

Question 10
What kind of Programme/Project you want your club/organization/NGO to organize: Informative programme about health/legal/finance/religious etc 10.81%

Question B

Top 5 Activities of Senior Citizens on Computer:
1. Email
2. Search
3. Facebook
4. You tube
5. Chatting

Question C
Top 5 Daily activities of Senior Citizens:
1) Reading Newspaper
2) Watch TV
3) Sit on Computer/Internet
4) Exercise /Fitness
5) Interact with friends

Question D
Top 5 Problems of Senior Citizens:
1. Health
2. Isolation/Loneliness
3. Monetary
4. Memory Loss
5. Neglect

Question E
Top 5 Programme Senior Citizens wants from NGO’s / Organisation:
1. Informative programme about health/legal/finance/religious etchttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
2. Volunteering Opportunity
3. Workshop / Seminar
4. Entertainment event
5. One Day Picnic

For detail report please write to us at: silverinnings@gmail.com

We Thank all the Senior Citizens and organization specially ‘Society for Serving Seniors (SSS Global)’ working for elderly for their participation and success of this Online National survey. We are confident this report will help Ngo’s, Senior Citizens Associations/Organisation, civil society and government to address the issues of Elderly.

The survey report was compiled by Sailesh Mishra, Founder President Silver Inning Foundation , NGO working with Elderly in India.

About Silver Inning Foundation (SIF):

SIF is part of Social Enterprise Silver Innings which hosts one of the most comprehensive and dedicated website for elderly &their family www.silverinnigs.com . The vision, mission and goals of SIF are centered on creating and implementing services and programmes that are holistic in nature and address the need to acknowledge the much needed supportive environment that the elderly deserve. It looks at reintegrating the elderly into mainstream society and lives with dignity. Silver Innings is working towards creating Elder Friendly World where Ageing becomes a Positive and Rewarding Experience.

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Sailesh Mishra is Founder President of Silver Inning Foundation an NGO that is working with Elderly and has 15 years hard core Marketing experience in corporate world and since last 4 years actively involved working for Elderly. His organisation Silver Innings is working towards creating Elder Frien.....read more



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Dear Sir:

May I ask for your permission to please allow me to use your study as one of my literature for my thesis on gerontology nursing. I would also ask from you the questionnaire used in this study

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