Woman donates dead mom’s organs

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Publication: The Times Of India Mumbai; Date: Aug 3, 2009; Section: Times City; Page: 5    

Woman donates dead mom’s organs


Malathy Iyer | TNN

Mumbai: On Friday night, Goregaon resident Meena Chauhan changed her moment of grief into happiness for two needy families. She donated her 60-year-old brain dead mother Shobhadevi’s kidneys as well as her corneas and skin.

    With this, the city also marked its highest-ever donation in a year—26 kidneys. Moreover, the last four kidney donations—that is, two cadaver donations—occurred within a week of each other. While Friday’s donation took place at H N Hospital in Girgaum, the other took place on July 25 at Nanavati Hospital in Vile Parle.

    What makes the Chauhan family’s donation dearer is Meena’s determination to donate the organs: when doctors at the local nursing home announced that her mother was possibly brain dead due to a brain haemorrhage, Meena on her own accord began contacting hospitals that could retrieve her organs and “let her continue living’’ in a manner of speaking.

    “My grandmother had wanted to donate her organs but she passed away at 90 years of age which is too old an age to donate. So, when doctors said that there was no hope for my mother, I thought organ donation would be the best way to keep her alive,’’ said Meena.

    Dr P Bhujang of H N Hospital said, “The Chauhan family voluntarily donated organs. It is indeed commendable that they travelled from Goregaon to Girgaum for this reason.’’

    Incidentally, on July 25, the family of Vile Parle resident Ashwin Shah donated his kidneys, liver, corneas and skin. “A vehicle collided with his bike on July 20 in Malvani. After he was declared brain dead, his family willingly donated his organs,’’ said Dr Sharad Seth from Nanavati Hospital in Vile Parle.

    Dr Vatsala Trivedi of the Zonal Transplantation Coordination Centre (ZTCC), which coordinates cadaveric organ donations in Mumbai, said it was heartening to note that people were voluntarily coming forward to donate organs. “There was a donation last month in which the family travelled from a nursing home in Kalyan to Wockhardt Hospital in Mulund just to donate organs,’’ she said.

    Organs can only be retrieved at centres certified by ZTCC for the purpose.

    Sujata Ashtekar from ZTCC said that the 26-kidney tally for this year so far was the highest ever in Mumbai. “Previously, we had donations of 23 kidneys in the 2002-2003 year,’’ she said.


June 22: Kalyan resident 62-year-old Pareshwar Anthwal’s family donated his kidneys, eyes and skin at Wockhardt Hospital, Mulund

June 22: Kamala Devi’s family donated their 47-year-old mother’s kidneys as well as liver in Nanavati Hospital, Vile Parle

July 25: Vile Parle resident Ashwin Shah’s family donated his kidneys, liver, corneas and skin in Nanavati Hospital

July 31-August 1: Goregaon resident Shobadevi Chauhan’s daughter Meena donated her kidneys, corneas and skin. She was willing to donate her heart and liver as well, but the liver couldn’t be retrieved. There were technical problems in retrieving the heart

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