The world's first non-profit Pharmaceutical Company - ONE WORLD HEALTH

by achawla on Sep 06, 2007      Category: Health & Disability Tags: health non-profit pharmaceutical

One World Health - focusing on neglected infectious diseases. Challenging the assumption that pharmaceutical research and development is too expensive to create the new medicines that the developing world desperately needs. Org. was founded in 1998, and in 2006 one drug completed phase 4 clinical trials, and one soon to enter into clinical trial.

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If they succeed with some drugs, it will be really helpful. Not only will their drugs be cheap, it may also force competitors to lower their prices! Also, OWH can attempt to cure "diseases of the poor" (like malaria) that are not attractive enough for existing drug companies.

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There is no question of "if" they succeeded..they already have. Their vaccine "Paromycin" is already successfully approved by govt, manufactured and delivered to the health care centres in poor neighborhood of Bihar where the black fever is rampant. They have got money from Gates, there is really a question of expanding from here on, not surviving! :)

Great work Ms. Hale!

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