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Dear volunteers,

Have you ever dreamt of owning a business or a company of your own? The very thinking of running a business is so exciting and challenging. We hear about entrepreneurship in tvs, magazines, friends and have an opportunity to join a good management school. And why should things be different to the disadvantaged sections of the society? The so called disadvantaged might have great ideas and innovative minds. Who knows? Given the right knowledge, platform and opportunities, they could prove themselves to be country’s great entrepreneurs. And iCreate is an organization that is a doing a commendable work and taken wonderful initiatives in training the youth and women in entrepreneurship.

So, why not, we be a part of iCreate and send out a message to these members of society that they need not be job seekers alone and have the potential and opportunity to become job providers? Why not share the knowledge and experiences that you have to help someone dream big? And you need not have a degree in business management to do this. All that is required is lots of enthusiasm to bring in a change and a small part of your time. iCreate would train and support you to bring in that change.  

About iCreate

I Create, Inc was established in 1999 to train youth and women in entrepreneurship so that they can have an option to start their own small business instead of looking for jobs, which are not there for so many. The program is reaching thousands of disadvantaged members of society. These include women (different sub-groups like widows, destitute, unmarried), unemployed youth and students from high schools, vocational institutes & colleges, tribal members and rural communities.  I Create, registered in the USA, chose India as its initial geographic area of operation.

Over the last ten years of its operation, (i) it held entrepreneurial awareness programs and employability skills training for close to 30,000 of the target groups; and (ii) trained more than 5,000 aspiring entrepreneurs in the know-how and show-how of entrepreneurship (Aspiring Entrepreneurs Workshop – AEW). Out of these, one in five (in excess of 1,000) has already started their own enterprises – in the small and micro sector. To achieve this, I Create has trained approximately 800 Master Trainers through its flagship program “Training of Trainers (TOT)”.

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Hope you are ready to make a difference in the lives of many disadvantaged and to motivate many to become Narayan Murthys and Kiran Mazumdars and much more!!

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