Zero Waste Management - replicating Vellore @ Bangalore

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Please follow the link to get the complete report on our visit to the Zero Waste Mangement at Vellore. Below is the plan we are working on for Bangalore aggregating the information on the subject...


Garbage to Gold @ Yahoo! Video






ZWM at Vellore


We are working on a ZWM solution in Bangalore. The information so far... See the report on our visit to Vellore which is the model being tried here...




The problem


The large quantities of waste generated is currently being transported by lorries to some land fills costing significant amount to the government each day - with numerous concerns -


The various possible solutions:


Some efforts already in place:


Good examples elsewhere -


At schools kids can be taught about these by having plants set up within campus. - has a link to an animation on composting for kids...




The Vellore solutions by Mr. C Srinivasan -


Solid Waste Management:  (CMC - ZWM - Project)    



Liquid Waste Management: (CMC - LWM- Duck Project - Waste waster treatment with the help of Ducks)     



District Rural Development Agency - AID    



AID Video on Cattle    



Bio Degradable Marriage - Part 1 - AID    




Bio Degradable Marriage - Part 2 - AID    



Interview with Mr. C Srinivasan about waste management    



A radio interview of Mr C Srinivasan.


This post will be updated as we see progress. We now have a company sponsoring projects. We are applying for the same. We have chosen CFL to work with for now. We shall choose some more schools to set up a prototype on ZWM and Rain Water Harvesting (RWH). The others can follow suite.


We have a lot activity now on the following mailing list -


ZWM Bangalore


One of the handbooks that YIMBY initiative came up with -




Handbook On Managing Waste

View more documents from Ride A Cycle Foundation / NGO Post.




Some of the projects that have kicked of a year after a visit last year on 25th Jan -


1. Brigade Millenium -


2. Madiwala Lake -


3. More to be added once above prototypes result in some action! :)





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Interested in the development sector and hoping to use the skills to create a positive more



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In our apartment, Sarovar, in L.B.Shastri Nagar, we compost our organic waste using the composting solutions provided by Daily Dump in the form of terracota composters and also accessories like neem powder, accelerator, etc. All our dry waste is sold off to the kabadiwala. This has reduced the quantity of refuse going out to the dumpyard by almost 80-90 %. We are proud to say that our apartment (twelve flats) are doing our bit to send off as less garbage as possible to the dumping ground.

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Good stuff!! Waste management is indeed a very important thing for any city. The hygiene and cleanliness of a city depends mostly on the waste management. The only reason why Indian cities look dirty is the lack of proper waste management program. Please keep us apprised what finally happens out of this.

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Hoping desperately something comes of this. Bangalore can definitely make use of some sanity in the waste management.

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Some really good work being done by ITC with their WoW initiative - Wealth Out of Waste

This is commendable despite the fact that the company's largest source of revenue is tobacco! :)

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Why this idea of recycling might just take off so well in India -

Recycling already employs a lot of people in India today. Making a social venture out of it can only catalyze things for good! :)

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Some information on the situation with Human waste and how to deal with it -

How it has been handled by Sulabh for the last few decades -

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Some more info on eco toilets..

Have seen this at S. Vishwanath's house.. itz pretty neat..

"The Ecosan system is a water conserving,resource generating and pollution preventing system, good for urban areas and rural places especially.",com_jd-wp/Itemid,34/p,1045/

Waste as a resource..

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The story for an entrepreneur on solid waste management -

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Another interesting project -

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One more interesting project on using plastic creatively -

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I'm glad I bumped onto this site and thread.

Bangalore should first segregate waste into wet and dry. This is the key to success of any waste management project. The existing infrastructure of pourakarmika's (door-to-door collectors) can be easily trained to compost the wet waste and make some money out of compost and the recyclabe dry waste.

The only problem is having compost pits, as it seems every individual does not want this next to his/her house.

But there are some promising working models running at Kalyanagar and Dollars colony (where door-to-door waste collected is segregated and composted)

I'll be interested to know more about this group and their plans, because and several other volunteers are interested to take this problem.

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I have seen similar self-initiated efforts in some apartment complexes in Bangalore .. Purva riviera, Sobha Dahlia etc .. the newer constructions typically plan for such plants in-house. If a facility to construct a compost pit is not available, one can approach Samarthanam (an NGO for the blind, based in J.P. Nagar) .. they have a program called parisara where they manage waste segregation - separate waste into paper/plastic/metal and organic waste and recycle the former.

Besides these individual and local efforts, I hope you, Saahas can take it up with BWSSB and implement a city-wide project like this one in Pune:

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E Parisara help in recycling fluorescent lamps -

Need to find experts for each kind of waste.E-waste is being dealt with very well by

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A very nice post on human excreta -

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Now the humanure story on NP -

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The crash course yesterday on ZWM by C Srinivasan was good. We have the whole thing shot. We will upload the same when the editing is complete. Do join the mailing list for more action -