[ZWM] A farmer makes 30 grand a month selling earthworms!

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How the worm turned for him



B.S. Satish Kumar






This farmer is popularly known as an earthworm consultant




Striking gold:Ambareesh earns a minimum of Rs. 30,000 a month by selling earthworms.


BANGALORE: This 27-year-old farmer from Bachchalli of Doddaballapur taluk is like any other village youth and has barely managed to clear SSLC after repeated attempts. But he has emerged as a popular “earthworm consultant” (a nick name) as he is sought after by people in Bangalore and other cities, especially engineering colleges, to deliver technical lectures on vermicomposting and to provide hands-on-training.

Ambareesh has delivered more than 150 such lectures and conducted training sessions in the last 18 months. Interestingly some of these lectures and training sessions have been held even in prestigious engineering colleges and educational institutions.

Presently, he earns an honorarium of Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000 a month from the lectures and training sessions conducted on invitation from various institutions and associations. He also earns a minimum of Rs. 30,000 a month by selling earthworms. “I deliver lectures only in Kannada as I do not know English. But the audience do not mind and they arrange for translation when there is a need,” Mr. Ambareesh hastens to add.

His achievement is a fairy tale story for his fellow villagers as he was dejected with farming till 2005 and was desperately searching for a job which could fetch him Rs. 3,500 in Bangalore. Things changed completely for him when his village too came under a pilot project of Rural Bio-Resource Complex taken up by the Union Department of Bio-technology and implemented through the University of Agricultural Sciences-Bangalore with a specific mandate of converting farming into a profitable venture.

Project Co-ordinator K. Narayana Gowda decided to use Mr. Ambareesh as a “resource” person and convinced him to undergo a training in vermicompost preparation, which includes earthworm rearing. After such a training, he is being used under the project to help other fellow farmers to set up their own vermicompost units. Vermicompost is an important element of the project as that would increase the crop yield by improving the nutrient value of soil and reduce the dependence on chemical fertilizers.

With his expertise, Mr. Ambareesh now trains even people in Bangalore on vermicompost preparation. Residents' welfare associations from Bangalore have sought his help to prepare vermicompost from the garbage collected from their area as that would help solve the problem of garbage disposal. He also doubles as an apiary consultant for his fellow village people and earns about Rs. 2,000 a month from it. Mr. Ambareesh can be contacted on 9242531868.









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Interested in the development sector and hoping to use the skills to create a positive impact......read more




Great...he must be encouraged and honored...program must spread...it is low investment and ecofriendly program...stop subsidy of fertilizer to encourage this...

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Couldn't agree more! :)

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Farmers in our project area is apprehend to use earthworms..! i think we must use his support to change their mindset.

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They are friends and it is proven beyond any doubt. Change of mindset is only a matter of proving the results which can be done with experiments with Farmers! :)


Admirable...it must become revolution

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