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Joined  Aug 11, 2011


Hi!! My name is Priti Turakhia and I come to this group as an individual interested in various social and cultural causes.

I am currently ..

1. Trying to spread the word of Kabir by organizing regular workshops for people interested in a deeper understanding of his message.

2. Spreading awareness about and collecting funds for Sadhana Forest ( Auroville). It is in initiative involved in ecological regeneration and sustainable living. Complete details are available at their website

3. Collecting signatures for a petition to repeal the Sedition Law.This law was passed by the British in 1870 to curb political opposition by Indians and in essence says that any person who by their action may cause disaffection towards the government may be said to be seditious. A law such as this has no place in a Democracy and the government has used this law to arrest and harass many activists like Binayak Sen. The petition may be signed online at PUCL has given a call to sign for the repeal of this law and we hope to collect a million signatures from all over India to take to the Parliament.

Though I do not have a legal background , I would be happy to share my knowledge of this law with any group that is interested in knowing more about this law. Please do feel free to contact me.

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